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M4A3 105 HVSS.why. - Page 2 - Ground.

Medium Tank M4A3 105 HVSS Sherman. USA II Rank. AB. Wiki info about M4A3 105 Official War Thunder wiki. In May 1944 the Detroit Tank Arsenal launched production of M4A3s equipped with 105 mm M4 howitzers. The modification happened similarly to the M4 105 modernization, one of the most serious alterations of the tank's armament to be made. 18/12/2014 · you really think they are going to make the br higher? sure, the thing is great, but so is the zsu-37. but put that thing any higher, and it wont fight the tanks it can match. even though its not a tank destroyer, it fullfills the role of a tank hunter quite nicely. please, the americans had very crappy mediums compared to russia and germany. i. Medium Tank M4A3 105 HVSS Sherman: War Thunder: American medium tank Medium Tank M4A3 105 HVSS Sherman - Info.

19/12/2014 · Well I've been using it for over a day now, and I'm really not seeing this OP tank everyone is talking about. Sure the 105 can be powerful at times, but at others enemy tanks just seem to gobble up that HE round and keep on coming, incidentally many of them being Soviet. It would also feature the smoke grenade launcher and M2HB we see on the M4A3 105. Simply put, it would be very similar to the M4A3 105 but with the 75mm gun, wet stowage and VVSS instead of HVSS. Why do I “please” the M4A3? The M4A375W is the last 75mm armed Sherman in US service and is currently missing from War Thunder.

Well, the M4A3 105 uses a 105mm howitzer and it's stock shells are High Explosive so they won't do much penetration. That is fairly null and void since the force of an explosive shell that big hitting tanks in the turret basically equals dead tank. Same with the KV-2. That's why people were outraged it was at 3.7 BR and was moved up to 4.7 BR. This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. The game is based around combined arms battles on air, land, and sea with vehicles from the Spanish Civil War to today. Применение этого танка в War Thunder располагает к постоянному использованию именно противотанковых снарядов по причине отсутствия пехоты и. M4A3105.

M4A1 or M4A3?:War Thunder General.

Gaijin PleaseMedium Tank M4A3 75 W.

The M4A376W HVSS ran on a gasoline Ford GAA V8 engine, which was the standard engine used in all M4A3 Sherman variants. The tank construction was welded and had a frontal armour plate sloping at a 47 degree angle. The 76 in the name indicated that the tank was armed with the more powerful 76 mm gun as a counter to the heavier German armour. Developers about the M4A3 105 Vyacheslav BVV_d Bulannikov, game-designer "The 105 mm howitzer on the Sherman will add a lot of colour to gameplay for tanks of this series. M4A3 Sherman: The Best Version Of The Sherman, Both in 75mm and 76mm. Jumbo Info here. This version of the Sherman would be the base for what would be the final Sherman in US Army use, seeing action all the way out to the Korean War in US Army hands.

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